Marry or Not to Marry – That is the Answer

Marry Or Not To Marry -

Wedding Bells! We all love it when we get there. Marriage in India is a big deal. Marry or not to Marry is a question we all face atleast once in our life. Something that we all look forward too and want others to look forward to as well. We specialize in all the categories arranged marriages, love marriages and elopements. I’m going to talk about things that we usually do not talk so hang on to this special article as a must read and share for others to think about as well.

India is a country with a huge population and i love it for the way it is. Marriages are Weddings. Sounds weird but that’s how we do it. In Arrange Marriages, you get to meet someone usually chosen by your parents or by some other means and if this clicks well you and/or your parents can start spending beginning with an engagement, roka, wedding, reception, cocktail party, sangeet, mehendi that is not daler, Tilak, Vidai, etc. with atleast one hundred thousand people at every event. Now because we were done with the sequels, we added a prequel like a pre-wedding photoshoot etc. The spending makes a lot of sense because based on how qualified or not so qualified the boy may be, the girls parents not only pay him dowree but also usually take care of the wedding expenses – and the sequels too. So its totally justified.

Marry or Not to Marry - Pinky Promise
Two friends making pinky promises to each other.

The next one on the list is the pleasant one but scary for some. Love marriages. Now i myself am a love marriage guy and will help you decide if you should go for it or not. When you love someone and marry that person, you also marry that family. Nobody tells you this before, so thank me later if you’re still single and prepping up. If you have been a fan of the SRK movies and the romantic pop songs that released during the 90s in India, if you believe that an emotion called love does exist and can melt hearts and if you believe you are meant to be with that someone special, it will happen. If none of the above sentence makes sense to you and have made up your mind to get married – go with the arrange marriage option but without the dowree and a crowd of a hundred thousand unknown people at the reception. Love can happen only to the ones who believe in it for the rest, careers are important. I’ve met people who say they had to focus on their studies and careers and make it big first so they didn’t have time for love. They are Lucky – no time for love. Meeting the right person and spending time with them will only make you more focused in life with regards to what you need to achieve together and the companionship you need. But there is no place for Dowree or one-sided expenses where love exists so beware.

Eloping is fun. You run away and get married. Like literally. Gone Overnight! As thrilling as it sounds, there are now laws around it. The most important law I have friends and family that chose this option and it made sense too. Usually the families on one of the sides have a problem and in most cases its both the sides. The silliest reasons range from following different religions, being of a lower caste, money, etc. If the couple is old enough to marry and smart enough to make a decision, they go for it. This is then followed by a rucus, minor or major depends on how proactively it is managed by being on the right side of the laws and reaching out to the cops in time. Whoever reaches them first wins. The Eloping couple usually research and prepare before going ahead with the step and win most of the times.

Marry or Not to Marry - The Pandemic Marriage
People That Got Married During The Pandemic

There are other ways of marrying as well like without a reception and keeping it short and simple for just the close ones and saving that money for the future – but that must be 1% of the marriages in India. To answer the question, its not mandatory or a compulsion to marry. Do not get married just because its a trend and everybody does it and its the normal way of living and having kids is how the legacy will follow. People recently have picked up their own-selves to be with and not share their lives with anyone else. This thought is basically the fear of having their freedom ended or changes they’d have to make to themselves after they’re married. Its totally OK to be in that place and take your time if you’re not ready. Marriage is all about respecting your partner and giving in to their happiness. If you think you can take care of yourself well and the above definition of marriage doesn’t suit you well – give it time.

So before you make that call to get married, ask yourself this one question – Am I Ready ? (For everything i read above. If the Answer is yes, PARTTTYYYYY!!!!

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