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Before i begin i need to admit that i saw Dil Bechara on the first day it released on Disney+Hotstar and i’m very much angry with what Sushant Singh Rajput did to himself. He proved with this movie that he had reached the expert level of the art after having done movies like Kai Po Che and the biography of MS Dhoni to reach his beginner and intermediate levels respectively. He had already conquered the screen so well at a young age that his delivery was now effortless. His instagram was flooded with his fans. People dream of buying a small flat in the lavish Bandra west, he already had it along with a telescope, his dream bike, his dream car and everything that a common man dreams about. He was living a dream and ended it with his own hands.

About a month ago, a good looking, a boy with a perfect built, height, successful and well-to-do Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide in his apartment in Bandra. This was a shocker for every Bollywood fan and also the ones who were not his fans. Apparently, he was going through a depression for a long time and also under medications for the same. This incident was mourned across India, however some of them decided to create a circus out of it.

For starters, lets just say he was depressed about something and did not leave a note before taking the big step of committing suicide which lead people to turn themselves in to ACP Pradhyuman overnight (I was about to refer to Sherlock Homes earlier, but kuch toh gadbad hai Daya BC). Even Pradhyuman is smart enough to find and believe in evidences only rather than assumptions. Abhishek Trimukhe, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) mentioned in his interview to ANI that the provisional after death report or famously known as post mortem report uncovered that Sushant died of asphyxia because of hanging. The Final report likewise affirmed the cause. However, we were convinced that depression cannot be the reason for someone to commit suicide. It has to be a well planned murder. What followed next was a Grand Circus.

An image of asphyxia and its definition
Like A Good Normal Human Being I Googled The Word

There were a few unfortunate events that followed right after and the entire country came together to ask for Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput. I’m not kidding. There were pictures of his dead body on the bed released and forwarded all over. Nobody was really interested to know the reason for his death. I’m going to list down the events below and let you know why i think this foolish or shameful or the most idiotic reaction to someones death that too a suicide.

Police Interrogations :

Since there was no suicide note written, Mumbai Police began their investigation with the close ones, family, friends, relatives and anyone he worked with recently. Apart from the others, Siddharth Pithani Sushants friend and manager revealed he had stopped taking his anti-depression pills which he OVERHEARD while the staff speaking about it. Rhea Chakraborty was interrogated for 9 hours apparently who shared about being Sushants girlfriend, getting married in December 2020, living in together and breaking up. She also confirmed about the actors depression and a few projects he was working on. They were also business partners and invested in for a virtual reality startup. Almost the entire staff of YRF was questioned including Aditya Chopra for ending the contract and Sanjana Sanghi his Dil Bechara girl. No tiffs were found. He was also linked with Kriti Sanon earlier.

Sushant Singh Rajput
Waste Of Talent

Police’s final statement was clear and to the point. They interrogated 27 people and recorded their statements. The post mortem report and the cause of death was confirmed by a team of 5 doctors same as the word and definition we saw earlier. By June 30, even the forensic report ruled out of the presence of any chemicals or poisons.

Who cares if the evidences and reports confirm it was a clear case of suicide? Who cares why he must have committed suicide? What we should rather care is what we can gain out of this 😀 Lets have a look at the circus.

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