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Karan Johar and Salman Khan responsible for Sushant Singh Rajput’s death?

I also would like to clarify that i’m not a fan of them both, forget them i wouldn’t have watched Bollywood movies if it wasn’t about making my wife happy :P. Karan Johar was virtually raped with acquisitions and blames for not casting Sushant Singh Rajput or the new comers or the strugglers of the film industry or not giving them the fame they deserved or asking for favors in return etc. There were two things nobody thought about at all :

  1. Karan Johar, like any other human on this planet has choices. In Hindi – Uski Marzi bc. He is free to cast whomever he wants or doesn’t want. Its his money and he takes the decisions to take calls on profitable investments vs non-profitable ones.
  2. He has a life too. He’s got family. He used to post videos of his kids everyday on instagram during the lockdown like you and i do. Guess what, he cannot anymore as he was threatened that his kids will be killed.
The Weaponization of Culture | Karan Johar, Head, Dharma Pro… | Flickr
Karan Johar is a very Naram Johar

All that for someone who killed himself from the same industry he works as an employer. What if your house maid threatens you to kill your kids because some other maid she knows killed herself because of depression. Do the math, the example may be wrong but it will clear the smoke off your mind. Salman Khan similarly got his brother in law a role in the movie but so what, we would help our family members before any outsider – wouldn’t we? and even if he launched Suraj Pancholi he lost money in both the cases. Guess what? Again the money he lost belonged to him. Again uska marzi bc.

Sushant Singh Rajput was Murdered/Killed

Lol. This is why i like people so much and love to avoid them. Its so easy to fall for presstitutes and start believing. Like Coronil was being sold on the news channels for sometime as a cure to Covid-19 before they went back to decline the claim. Similarly, Sushant Singhs death was used for Marketing. Some of them marketed themselves by blaming Nepotism and therefore holding Karan Johar and others responsible for his Murder. Kangana Ranaut took it to a different level altogether by calling it a planned murder and displayed herself as the biggest victim of Nepotism. There were assumptions released as facts calling it a murder, like Photoshop pictures of Sushants dead body showing marks of struggles and chemical reactions on his body, etc. basically circus. People went out of their way to prove it a Murder and not a suicide by shooting their own statements on a video demanding a CBI inquiry and making it viral. All this while Sushant was gone.

Talking to Sushant Singh Rajput’s Soul

This is the latest bullshit going on the Sushant Singh Rajputs death advantage. Some taklu guy called Steve Huff who’s apparently a famous paranormal expert spoke to him. His fans forced him to do so. If you have talent to convince people, you dont need a degree. Taklu Steve proves to his fans that he was able to contact Sushant Singh Rajput via Youtube Videos and a very similar radio like Hritik Roshan used in Koi Mil Gaya that did OM OM OM OM to call Aliens. People actually believed in the video and that Sushant was actually speaking. I feel pity for them all.

Steve Huff | Witnessing an interview with Steve Huff about t… | Flickr
Taklu Steve Huff Talking To Sushant with MS Dhoni Wig on

Currently Rhea Chakraborty has been filed against with an FIR for being a gold digger and spinning off all the money from Sushant Singh Rajputs bank account. Apparently her entire family tortured him and registered companies with his money. Mumbai and Patna Police is now fighting about evidences for a suicide case. I feel pity for all of them who tried to use this incident to boost their careers or by blaming someone or having to create crap on the internet. If feel pity for Sushant because he proved that Hard work is the only way to be successful. This is a death we are talking about and not a joke. When someone dies in your family, you pray for them to rest in peace and grieve the loss which was unfortunately not the case with this depressed soul.

I’m very sure he’s not asking for Justice up there, rather waiting for peace. I pray for his soul to rest in peace.


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